The treatment – suitable for even the most delicate of complexions, and especially beneficial to sun-damaged, lined, unevenly pigmented or scarred skin – works by a powerful combination of pulsed electrical current and low-frequency sound waves*, and high-dosage preparations of anti-ageing and re-hydrating vitamins A and C. Our climate depletes these vitamins in our skins and is the major cause of premature aging and poor skin condition.

The vitamins are driven deep into the skin’s structure, resulting in improved cell renewal and increased production of fresh collagen and elastin, giving softened lines and scars – to a degree previously considered impossible even from surgery – and a firmer, finer-textured appearance to skin. When targeted on specific areas such as eyes, neck or upper lip, results are even more dramatic. Frown lines can be smoothed without invasive fillers or injections.

Using some of the world’s most advanced skincare and equipment technology, effects previously achieved from a dozen or more standard treatments now noticeable after just one or two sessions. Clients can choose a one hour Environ Treatment or a 1.5 hours Advanced Treatment (prices vary regionally). A course of 6 or 12 or more sessions will enhance the longevity of effects, especially when used in conjunction with home-use Environ products based on vitamin A and free-radical quenching antioxidant vitamins C, E and beta-carotene. A once-monthly maintenance treatment following a course is recommended.”We were already getting outstanding results by applying active vitamins A, C, E and beta-carotene to the skin surface,” says Dr Fernandes. “The challenge was to achieve the maximum potential benefit by ensuring these vital nutrients get through the skin’s horny outer layer. Our Ionzyme machine drives preparations incorporating the beneficial ingredients deep into the cell structure. Developments like this mean that, in future, people who might have gone for a facelift are just not going to need it.”Source